Vehicle Maintenance

Our fleet of 14 Euro 5 and 6 lorries are maintained to the highest standards with regular servicing of both the vehicles themselves and the trailers that accompany them.  Meaning your goods will get to their destination as quickly and efficiently as possible and that we are doing so safely too.


Daily checks by our drivers ensure that any damage done to the vehicles or trailers is repaired quickly and to a high standard and that everyday wear and tear is monitored to keep within the high standards we set ourselves.  This means that you will be proud to load your goods onto our trailers and see them drive off to their destination, in well maintained, clean lorries.

All of our fleet are cleaned bi-weekly, following our cleaning checklist to ensure the lorries leave our yard are at the high standard we have set ourselves and that you, the customer, is happy knowing your goods are being transported in a hygienic and safe environment.